Be pampered from head to toe - soothing massages with an international flavour

Experience various massage techniques from different cultures. Feel their revitalising effect and experience utter relaxation. Discover the treatment that suits you best and feel the tension melt away. Our wellness massages are available to you exclusively at our wellness hotel in Cuxhaven.


our diversity

Underwater massage in North Sea water

An original thalassotherapy treatment designed to relax your muscles and tissue, it also boosts your metabolism and circulation, thus easing pain caused by scar tissue and adhesions.
30 Min. • € 50

Curative full body massage

Relaxation from head to toe, a treat for your skin’s sensory cells thanks to our masseur’s skilled movements and manipulations. A curative full body massage will help boost your health and wellbeing.
60 Min. • € 75

Curative partial body massage

Tense neck muscles, painful feet and other complaints can be relieved with a partial body massage.
30 Min. • € 45

Breuss massage

A wonderful treat for your back. This energising back massage with St John’s wort oil focuses particularly on the meridians. The spine is gently stretched, giving the discs more space, which in turn fosters regeneration. St John’s wort oil is known for its nerve-calming properties.
45 Min. • € 55

Hot stone massage

Natural basalt stones are used in this luxurious full body massage. The warmed stones transmit positive energy and relaxing warmth to your body. The treatment is combined with gentle massage strokes.
90 Min. • € 105

Pantai Luar

This Indonesian massage using herbs in cotton bags purifies and moisturises the skin. The carefully selected oils and herbs are delicately scented and boost cell renewal. Furthermore, the warmth stimulates blood circulation and aids muscle relaxation.
90 Min. • € 125

Vitality massage

Revitalise your body and switch off completely with a combination of a relaxing head and face massage using warm oils and an energising back massage..
60 Min. • € 75

Chocolate massage for children

We also give children the opportunity to relax and enjoy a special massage just for them. In this full body massage with warm chocolate oil, our younger guests experience another side of their favourite treat.
30 Min. • € 40

for body and spirit

Professional massages with high-quality products

Massages at the Badhotel Sternhagen relax your body and soul. We use the finest products and play close attention to quality.

Our treatments are performed by professional masseurs. With scented oils, candles or music, we create an atmosphere to put you completely at ease.

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