Effects of the northsea

Beauty and curative effects from the Sea

Recharge your batteries at the Badhotel Sternhagen where the North Sea is one with the hotel. North Sea water has the following beneficial effects on your body:

Combined treatments utilising the healing effects of oxygen rich and revitalising sea water have a considerable therapeutic effect on skin and muscle tissues. The natural North Sea water, at a termperature of up to 28°C, 32°C, 36°C or even 37°C, while still containing all valuable trace elements, bubbles directly into our baths and can fully release its healing, invigorating and relaxing action.


Medicinal benefits

• Strengthening, reduction of sensitivity to weather-changes
• Boosting of the immune system
• Helps prevent stress related and physical illnesses
• Increase in heart and lung efficiency
• Improved blood circulation
• Speeds the body’s healing process after injury
• Cleansing and Detoxification of the body
• Inhalation of Sea Water Vapour loosens the airways and calms the effect of the mucous membranes
• Calories burn through thermal stimulation by the baths
• Specific foot, back and neck massages
• Relaxation of the muscles, ligaments and tendons

Indulge in the health promoting properties of our 4 North Sea Thermal Baths in combination with our roman thermal pools and the Finnish sauna

Laconium: Roman Steam Bath, approx. 55°C
Caldarium: Roman Steam Bath, approx. 42°C
Finnish Sauna, approx. 95°C


Enjoy the sea water also in our Original North Sea Thalasso Therapy Centre "Duhner Spa"

Cleansing and Detoxification Wrap in accordance with Hanni Glatt resulting in a combined inch loss of up to 70cm measured at 16 different points of your body (not water loss)

• Enjoy the rituals of Mer & Sens and experience the feeling of smooth hot and cold stones on your skin