Natural World Heritage Site - wadden Sea

The Wadden Sea National Park in Lower Saxony never ceases to fascinate both vacationers and locals. This unique landscape has been a World Heritage Site since July 2009. The Wadden Sea Natural World Heritage Site covers a total area of around 9,750 km² and, with its vast expanses, offers an incomparable experience.

On the beaches of Cuxhaven-Duhnen – which form part of the Wadden Sea Natural World Heritage Site – you can experience the tide coming in and out first-hand. For six hours and twice a day, the landscape is transformed. Inlets and small streams make their way through the vastness of the mudflats. On the seabed, the North Sea's great biodiversity becomes visible. Mussels, crabs and starfish share this unique habitat with many sea birds and numerous other animals.


ebb and flow

Our hotel on the Wadden Sea in Cuxhaven

The beautiful, untouched salt marshes between the coast and the dykes are also part of the nature reserve. They form the natural transition from the sea to the land and sometimes become flooded. The salt marshes provide an ideal environment for migratory birds and waterfowl to rest and breed.

For vacationers, the Wadden Sea Natural World Heritage Site is a source of relaxation. Taste the salt in the air, enjoy the smell of the mudflats and discover the underwater world at every time of the year.

The island of Neuwerk is a popular destination for tourists. When the tide is out, you can get to the island on foot or on a horse-drawn carriage known as a "Wattwagen". If you're not familiar with the tide times and the markers on the mudflats, you should only go walking with an experienced mudflat guide.

feeling of freedom

Mudflat hiking in Cuxhaven

Listen to the whistling of the wind, the birds calling and the sound of the mudflats beneath your feet – you'll experience a feeling of freedom, peace and calmness. Maybe, from a distance, you'll see seals sunning themselves on the sandbanks. Whatever you would like to do, the Wadden Sea Natural World Heritage Site will provide you with unforgettable moments again and again – it's simply sublime and unique!