Our Hotel in Cuxhaven Duhnen

Cuxhaven-Duhnen - a picturesque, quaint and idyllic fishing village. A place with charm. As a spa district of Cuxhaven, it is characterized above all by its over 5 km long white sandy beach and the unspoiled nature of the offshore Wadden Sea World Heritage Site.

Around our hotel in Cuxhaven-Duhnen you will find from the beginning everything you need for a relaxing and impressive time out.


Beautiful natur

Cuxhaven Duhnen – situated directly beside the beach on the North Sea

The most popular and largest spa area within Cuxhaven is primarily known for its white beach which stretches for 5km. An almost endless expanse opens up during a walk on the mudflats which allows you to enjoy a beautiful view across the world´s shipping lane. Nature lovers will also relish walks through the heathland behind the dyke. Numerous cycle tracks invite you to take longer cycle rides through this unique and special area.

The historic town centre, with its distinctive fountain, features many culturally diverse attractions and invites you to enjoy a stroll and sample many different types of gourmet food. The healthy North Sea air combined with the friendly town atmosphere will leave you wishing for nothing more and you will soon forget your everyday stress. This particular spa area has a charm that enchants everyone. Cuxhaven-Duhnen – the perfect location for maritime relaxation.