Sandstrand in Duhnen mit Strandkörben

A unique nature experience

Mudflat walks on the North Sea

The Wadden Sea World Heritage Site offers a unique natural spectacle with low tide and high tide. When the North Sea retreats at low tide and the mudflats, the seabed of the North Sea coast is suddenly accessible, this offers a unique nature experience for hikers at any time of the year. Far into the tidal flats, sometimes even as far as the islands in the immediate vicinity of the coast, the Wadden Sea can be explored with almost dry feet and a healthy dose of silt on your feet and shoes.

Hikes on the seabed

Mudflat hiking in Cuxhaven

A mudflat hike offers the opportunity to experience the mudflats up close and explore a diverse plant and animal life. Walking on the exposed seabed is a very special experience. In summer with swimwear or wrapped up warmly in winter - mudflat hiking brings relaxation and promotes stress reduction.

Old sneakers or rubber boots are suitable for a mudflat hike. A hike through sand and mud is also possible barefoot. Exploring the mudflats barefoot is a very special experience and serves as a natural massage for the feet. Those who are not familiar with the tides and the path markings in the mudflats should only go hiking in the company of an experienced mudflat guide.

A popular tourist destination is the island of Neuwerk. The island is part of the "Hamburgerisches Wattenmeer National Park" and is located about 13 km from Cuxhaven. The approximately 3.5 km² island is a very popular destination and is especially known for its beautiful nature. You can reach the island during low tide on foot or by horse-drawn waders.